Monday, 27 July 2015

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's raining on my parade. The three-metre swimming pool we bought is full of rain water and holidaying thunder bugs. Our new swimming costumes and beach towels are sitting in the airing cupboard moaning to each other. The mini bouncy castle, I blew up cheerfully last week, is sagging and full of water (who knew bouncy castles cried). And our wellington boots have jumped out from under the stairs and are laughing at us and calling us names. My raincoat is smug and the house looks like it puked up toys. We are having a day of playing indoors, and it's taking its toll. Everywhere I look today there seems to be a puddle of water, a mountain of cushions, lego scattered like seeds, jigsaw puzzle pieces under chairs, marbles resting in all corners of the house and just general chaos. I'm not a clean freak. I'm as messy as the messiest person, but this house was pristine at 10am this morning. Pristine. I unexpectedly (it's unheard of) got up early to tidy up. You'd never know now. I've just noticed, as I write this, that there is a mashed up biscuit in the rug too. Let's ignore that for now. So yes, a total mess has developed because of the lousy rainy weather. And it looks like we're in for more rain. So the wellington boots get the last laugh as we try and head out tomorrow to the park, and our raincoats can have a nice day out. The swimming pool will have to wait for us, and for now it can entertain the insects. But I do have a happy little girl (who, by the way, has just put her t'shirt on her legs, and her leggings on her head - looks good). She's enjoyed her day of chaos, so I suppose that's all that counts. But, please let it be sunny soon. Don't rain on my parade.

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